"Aveva la forza di un uragano,ma era debole come una foglia in autunno." 

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"She is thinking about killing herself,
has gotten the art of it down to a science.
First, she sets out a dress,
something pale and pink and pretty,
something that will make her look
like the inside of a peach.
She fills the bath with water,
stops a third of the way up to the rim.
She thinks about who will miss her
when she is gone,
thinks about the things people will say,
but more importantly, about the things they won’t.
She spends an hour crying on the bathroom floor
and then tries to forgive herself
for eating nothing but cherries and Splenda for weeks
in the hope that she will lose ten pounds.
She touches the dress. Applies lipstick. Weeps.
Even if he loved me, she thinks,
and sucks in her cheeks, trying to correctly
remember how he made her feel.
Tries to forget the other side of the bed.
She steps into the tub, closes her eyes,
squeezes the razor so tight that the water
pinkens. For a moment,
she imagines it in clear detail how they’d
find her in the tub, the house smelling like
rotting fruit and fake sugar.
Her little sister would never recover.
But life clings to her body, her pretty pink dress.
Her grip slackens. She drains the tub
and wills all of her sad to swirl down the drain.
She removes the bobby pins from her hair.
Wants so badly to believe."

Kristina Haynes, “These Little Deaths” (via fleurishes)

"piango ancora dopo due anni
senza te e così
senza me
e insieme a queste lacrime

"I don’t know what’s killing me more; talking to you or not talking to you."

"Piacere, sono l’amica della ragazza bella."

"we’re just
suicidal kids
telling other
suicidal kids
that suicide
isn’t the

"E tiro avanti fra le urla e i pianti"

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"La cosa più preziosa che puoi ricevere da una persona a cui tieni è il suo tempo. Non sono le parole, non sono il fiori, i regali. E’ il tempo. Perché quello non torna indietro, e quello che ha dato a te è solo tuo, non importa se è stata un’ora o una vita."

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